Jadranka Gaće – Beba
President of the Association of Retirees Makarska, fashion tailor, entrepreneur

“She immediately told me not to call her Jadranka, but Beba. I asked her if the nickname Beba came from being the most beautiful woman in Makarska and inquired about her various endeavors. Her answer was so intricate that, in fact, I now know better what Beba DOES NOT do. I don’t need to know about her beauty after observing her for two minutes because I see it. I have eyes like Beba’s in my family, and I sense the significance of her gaze – curiosity and a modern spirit of a young person. I knew I hadn’t been mistaken, so I asked her to remove her glasses and reveal what I saw. Let that spirit shine through. We met in the place where she draws her life energy, in Osejava. We assisted her in picking a few asparagus spears for risotto.

I captured the portrait of a person who works hard, helps others, gives of herself, but also knows how to find balance, strength, and focus in nature. I hope I haven’t disappointed her.”

potpis maremilin

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