Bruno Juranović
the fisherman

“They say he is shy and might not agree to be photographed. I hope he doesn’t regret it. After meeting him, I wouldn’t say that ‘shy’ is the right adjective. He’s just not accustomed to attention and things that don’t happen to him every day, like having three people jumping on his boat at 6:30 in the morning, flashes flashing, me staring at him through the lens while he has to fetch boat papers and head out to sea. He reminds me of my father, possessing that sincere masculine energy of a man accustomed to his way of life and someone who has accomplished a lot with his own hands. His face, with its wrinkles and scars, tells a thousand stories. I admire his boat, Prstac, and the wood-fired stove he installed on board because the fish must be fresh when prepared. I would love to go fishing with him one day, without the camera.”

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