Igor Dragičević
artist, painter, and academic graphic artist, retired professor of printmaking and former dean at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Sarajevo

“I must admit, I was taken aback at first glance. Tall, with a carefree appearance and a rebellious gray mane he had recently trimmed. I see in him the power of whimsy and character, a life lived extensively and passionately. I see a world of his own. His graphics truly captivate me. But just as Beethoven ‘scared’ people with his uniqueness, and I shed tears listening to his symphonies and concertos; Igor, too, raised his voice for a moment, but then, in my mind, quieted down and gave me exactly what I needed. Strengthened by the realization that our encounter would be a meaningful dialogue, I establish a bridge that, I hope, has granted me a glimpse into the soul of this extraordinary man and artist.”

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