Klara Andrijašević
athlete, track and field athlete – champion of the Mediterranean, student of marine biology and kinesiology

“We meet in a cafe, we talk. I initially make a wrong judgment about Klara and suggest that our session might be heading in the wrong direction. Fortunately, she firmly dismisses that possibility. I like that. I’m used to athletes being closed off, with sport being their first, second, and last priority. I usually photograph athletes almost frantically, as I have them for 10 minutes, and that’s it. But during the photoshoot, I realize the kind of person hiding behind the appearance of this golden girl. Two degrees, track and field, records, love for the sea, flora, and fauna. Because Klara helps and adopts cats, dogs, and birds. She cuts her beautiful hair and donates it to those who need it. I’m amazed. Where does it end for you, girl?”

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