Marino Srzić
librarian at the Makarska City Library, writer, and amateur actor

He serves as my ‘joker’ in case I find myself on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ His vast knowledge of liturgical scripts for Latin masses surpasses certainty. Exploring 90% of the books in the Makarska City Library, including those in the section I playfully named ‘The Name of the Rose’ after Umberto Eco’s book, is undoubtedly his accomplishment.
I find solace in the thought of spending at least two hours with him every day, sharing coffee—an unusual practice for me but an opportunity to transcend my own existence.
In those moments, I anticipate absorbing a minimum of ten new lessons, eager for intellectual nourishment.
His mind has traversed the entire world, an awe-inspiring feat.
The depth of his knowledge leaves me in admiration, reflecting on my past as a ‘bookish child’ now tainted, albeit hopefully temporarily, by the screen pandemic.
Nevertheless, he remains devoted to inhaling the fragrance of maps and paper, embracing it wholeheartedly.

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