Ratna Prodan
the fisherwoman from the largest Makarska family

“They took me to visit a lady who, they say, is sick and not feeling well. The door opens, and there she is, a whirlwind in pink clothing. Her eyes are smiling, and her smile is full of white teeth. I love that. If I hadn’t already given someone the nickname ‘DjevojĨe’ (Little Girl), I would give it to Ratna. I don’t understand her age, as one person says one thing, but I see and hear another. I listen to her voice, a resonant voice, and her zest for life is contagious. I like that she speaks her mind without hesitation, and education and modernity emanate from every look and every word. And when she expressed a desire to fly a balloon… I grabbed my phone and started looking for a pilot for her. In the end, we took a few photos, through conversation, and that was it. Memorable.”

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