Robert Rica
musician, guitarist, frontman of the band Riks and Topli Mungosi

A guy on a motorbike. The charisma of a rocker who plays whatever comes to his hands.

He had never heard of me, and I hadn’t heard of him either. But the ice quickly broke. We learned many things in haste. He made a condition, wanting ‘furrowed’ eyes in the photographs. As someone eager for theater and drama, I accepted. Let there be rock and roll. And then the moment arrived – I covered his eyes, quite literally. The metaphorical eye-covering didn’t happen. With Rica, you can only be genuine. The photos flowed and unfolded towards the end of the session, alongside the neck of his beloved guitar, which tells a great story. After the session, he cleans with one hand and cooks fish with the other. Meanwhile, he converses in German and Hungarian. Observing all of this, it feels good. Later, we sit at a table full of people, eating, laughing, talking, as if we’ve known each other for a hundred years. I would love to go around to concerts with Rica and his Nina, just for the joy of it.”

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