The exhibition serves as an inspiration for both tourists and the local population to explore the old town core, discovering different aspects of the town that evoke emotions and create new experiences in experiencing Makarska as a tourist destination. The models come from various spheres of everyday life in Makarska, ranging from sports, music, and craftsmanship to urban legends. They share various stories, providing us with their perspective on life in Makarska.

This exhibition as part of the “Maestrale” project revives the town’s rich history through tradition, culture, art and tourism. The main goal is to offer a unique experience of the town by reviving its cultural heritage and the charm of the Dalmatian neighborhoods in an interactive manner, and to evoke the sense of ease of living that is characteristic of the Mediterranean region to which Makarska belongs.

The Foton NPO Association is responsible for the artistic part of the “Life” photo exhibition project. Through years of work and numerous exhibitions, workshops, and lectures by various renowned photographers from the country and the region, Foton is dedicated to promoting the art of photography and its authors. Association members have developed a concept to express their gratitude to their town through portraits of people who make Makarska the town as it is.

In cooperation with the Town of Makarska and the Tourist Board of the Town of Makarska, the famous Croatian photographer Mare Milin from Zadar “lent” us her eye and captured beautiful portraits of ten people from Makarska.

Mare Milin is a photographer with over 25 years of dedicated work in the field of visual arts. She is involved in fashion photography and is also an illustrator. She shoots music videos, captures architecture and nature, and lives photography in a comprehensive way. Mare captured the photographs using the slow photography method, which involved getting to know the subjects, visiting them, discussing and agreeing on the approach and location, and then capturing them in the locations that are significant to them or vice versa – capturing the people who have left a mark on those locations, their “habitats,” places where they draw their life energy from.

Get to know the people who influence the lives of their fellow citizens